WEEP FOR THE FOREST -by Lois Macdonald

From first thought to creation
By our Omnipotent Holy King
Forests are now being recreated
In the minds of our blind genius
Treed shelters born out of Agape
God’s purest Love of all Loves
Are left barren and dismantled
To line the pockets of mankind.

Gone forever are yesterday’s
Emerald moss-covered forests
The dull droning of machinery
Has sadly silenced her call
Nature’s home for the innocent
Woodland guardian of babes
Now lays helplessly watching
As her young try to survive.

Serenity is lost and buried under
Miles and miles of concrete pallets
Chaos reigns from man’s throne
Announcing in a high fevered pitch
That all God’s governing laws
Have been burned in man’s fires
As his pride, greed, and power
Abort his conscience for science.

How ambitious were world leaders
Who traded clean air for smog
What inventors filled the blue sky
With their gadgetry and new toys
Will we deny each of our promises
To secure a greener tomorrow
What will we say to all our children
About the forests, we left to die?

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