The Ravine -by Lois Macdonald

The early morning rays began filtering through the milky veil that had draped and hidden the ravine, only a stone’s throw away from my bedroom window. This misty blanket had lovingly sheltered the woodland residents throughout the long hours of pounding rains and harsh winds. A steady beam of light began searching through the aftermath, laying bare an exhausted and slightly bruised landscape. The sun’s skillful hands gingerly dried each drenched cedar, as a familiar voice whispered to the forest babes, “It’s safe to come out now.” Without reservation, they scurried to play in the fallen leaves piled in random heaps on the mossy floor below. An explosion of sounds broke through the still air, as furry friends chattered and feathered neighbors chirped all the while helping the woodsy evergreens and sweet lily of the valley roll out a brand new welcoming mat. Surely this intoxicating pageant was the gateway to Heaven, itself?

Admiring this comical, yet tranquil scene, I smiled inwardly. It was hard not to envy the innocence and serenity of the ravine inhabitants. Sadness began brewing its first cup of the day. Lost in its ebony reflection, I mulled over how sweet life would have tasted, if not for Adam and Eve. The “Spoilers.” Choosing to shake hands with the devil himself, as they recklessly opened the door inviting doubt and shame into the Garden of Eden.

As if adding insult to injury, the sun rose a wee bit higher, just enough to unmask the zillions of dirty water specks staining the glass panes that separated my messy life from these untainted ones outside.

A gust of wind tapped ever so lightly on the window sill as if sensing my already fragile disposition. A soothing voice announced, “It’s safe to come out now,” and added my name!

Why the Spirit of God chooses one moment over another to speak, is a mystery. But in that split second, as if waking from a deep slumber, I heard and recognized His call. He revealed to me that Love was the thread connecting Heaven and Earth, nature, and humanity and that I was woven into His grand design. My life had a purpose! As I listened to His voice, he explained that I never need to be afraid, for he would never be more than a stone’s throw away.

“He tends his flock like a shepherd. He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart…” Isaiah 40:11 NIV.

As I made peace with our Creator that morning, I immersed from the stronghold that had held me captive for most of my adult life, and without reservation, began spreading my wings. by Lois Macdonald

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  1. There is nothing lovelier than to know one’s feelings have touched another person’s, heart.
    Thank you so much, Zarina for making time to connect and encourage. Blessings, Lois

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