The Bat -by Lois Macdonald

Bats Are Cute

I’m plump and round and furry
With two lovely wings on my back
But I spend my days in the attic
Apparently, they wanted a cat.

When I fly downstairs for a visit
Mother ducks and hits the floor
Where in her bed lies Princess
Fluffy kitten they simply adore.

Then she smiles and purrs and winks
As I race towards the nearest door
Everyone covers their head and shrink
Screeching, “bats we really abhor.”

But I think I’m as cute as kitty
I can hang upside down anywhere
I don’t need fancy collars or dishes
I eat bugs just to show them I care.

So, I’ll head upstairs to my attic
The sweet place I call “my home”
And tonight my friends will visit
And play hide and go seek and roam.

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