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Solitude’s Invitation -by Lois Macdonald

In this secret, quiet place, I search for the lost fragments of myself. Those defining moments that have shaped and colored my soul. Moments filled with dreams that somehow get lost in life’s maze of repetitive routine. The soothing hush of solitude frees me from the shackles of man’s busyness; if only for a moment. It is in this undisturbed sanctuary where one can feel God’s presence. Sip from His cool well-spring and find rest. As I lay on carpets of velvet moss, a parade of ever-changing clouds drift by. A soft breeze kisses my cheeks as it filters through a lace canopy of emerald leaves. I stare in wonder at the synchronized dance of nature and feel connected. It is through the eyes of solitude’s honesty and purity where the mysteries of God are unveiled. Where the rhythm of nature’s heartbeats, echo against the Creator’s glorious backdrop. Some would argue that solitude gives birth to loneliness and isolation. How tragic they never respond to her invitation. For looking at the beauty of nature’s tapestry through the lens of solitude, leaves one breathless!
“It is in this secret, quiet place named solitude, where poets, and artists alike, reclaim their dreams.” -Lois Macdonald

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