SHE HAD FEW REGRETS -by Lois Macdonald

She had few regrets and could honestly say, that her life had been well spent. For seldom had she squandered her hearts desires and dreams, by hiding them safely under a sea of blankets. Instead, she ushered each and every one into the scrutinizing light of day. Refusing to leave them behind in a drawer of, “what ifs?” The home of lost causes or possible embarrassment. Instead, being a woman of few regrets, she chose to collect her stumbling stones, using them to build a superior view of tomorrow’s undefeated possibilities. 

Neither her shy demeanor or her introverted tendencies dared imprison her spirit of curiosity. For it was constantly fuelled by her passion for solving puzzles and riddles. A new mystery would keep her captive well into the wee hours of the night. With the precision of a fine surgeon, she would skilfully untangle the common denominators until unmasking the culprit. While the ending was seldom a surprise, usually more of a silent, “I thought so” it helped to confirm her belief that only the omnipotent Creator and Author, could ever unravel this mystery called life. Needless to say, this conclusion led her to believe in miracles with the same convictions she had as a child.

The addition of years had stretched and matured her faith. As of late, she could taste a rich sprinkling of peace during the rainy seasons that came her way. Time had taught her, and with few regrets, that a sweet course of rainbows and golden honeyed sunshine would invariably follow each storm.

This life full of purpose shook her sleepy head each morning and held it high long into the midnight hours. That was her secret remedy for living without regret. Still, if she had to choose one, it would be that there was never quite enough time to finish all she envisioned for the day. 

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