A POET BLOSSOMS – by Lois Macdonald

Within a baby’s first cry
A budding poet is born
Her audacious cooing
Add wings to her voice
The gift of discernment
Plants all she envisions
Encouragement fosters
More poems to blossom.


“Children. The cure for loneliness. Side effects. Mild exhaustion. Well worth the risk!” by Lois Macdonald

“God gave me wings to fly. His love is the reason I soar!” by Lois Macdonald

“Don’t waste your life falling hopelessly in love with the world. Instead, fulfill your life, falling hopefully in love with Jesus.” by Lois Macdonald

“When we clap for the music performed during a church service; it has met our expectations. When we are moved to tears; it is no longer a performance. It is worship and has met God’s expectations.” by Lois Macdonald

Silly Poems for Children: https://heavensjoylatte.com/childrens-poems/

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