Sharing Heart To Heart At My Kitchen Table

Sharing "heart-to-heart" happens most often while sitting comfortably around the kitchen table. The kitchen is that snug sanctuary where sharing revitalizes, renews, restores and reconciles relationships. Its pulse quickens as the bond of love, family and friendship tugs at its heartstrings. Here in this safe-haven, guests share the most delicate pieces of their lives, their... Continue Reading →

Apology Poison -by Lois Macdonald

An apology can be sincere or laced with poison! Canadians take great pride in being polite. If an eyebrow lifts and is directed our way, we apologize. If someone bumps into our shopping cart, that’s right, we apologize. Apparently, we go through this ritual 7-8 times daily, so that’s a lot of “begging-your-pardon” going on. While... Continue Reading →

Motherhood -by Lois Macdonald

My Almost Perfect Mother by Lois Macdonald Sunlight peeked through the vintage lace curtains that framed the graceful features of our mother. Wearing an invisible crown of motherhood and sweet serenity, she sat staring out far beyond the freshly painted window ledge. As her lips curled slightly, it became evident that she was lost in... Continue Reading →

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