Love’s Heartbeat -By Lois Macdonald

Love is here today, gone tomorrow, fickle, blind, extravagant and at times all-consuming. Its song illuminates and defines the otherwise empty pages of the manuscript of our life. Our hearts can be broken, yet miraculously mend and restore. Neither time nor death can silence love’s heartbeat for its rhythm will echo and reverberate forever within the chambers of each heart that played a part in its story.

When love sours it can end up in the trash, the bottom of the birdcage or even worse, the kitchen floor. The only thing it can inspire is perhaps the newest canine family member to mark its spot and rename the tune, “Puppy Love.” Poetic Justice indeed!

We instinctively pluck and tug on love’s heartstrings half expecting this celebrated instrument to be an easy one to master. Meanwhile, discords and untuned appendages take hostage all dreams of violins playing and white knights riding off into the sunset with their fair-haired damsels. Seldom do authors of romance novels tell us the truth? True love is hard to find and when you do find it, it takes commitment and perseverance to last. A lifetime of practice and patience, practice, and more patience.

So is being in love worth all this effort? Worth letting down your guard knowing that it can be here today, gone tomorrow, fickle, blind, extravagant, and at times, all-consuming? Absolutely!

“With hope, the marriage of two perfectly blended heartbeats will create one unforgettable “Love Song.” -By Lois Macdonald

Shared Love -by Lois Macdonald


Faith Stuck on Autopilot -by Lois Macdonald


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