Home of Heavens’ Joy Latte where everyone is welcome. Devotionals for today’s challenges, poems, quotes and short stories. Created to share Scripture teachings, to learn from my “brothers and sisters in Christ”, grow spiritually, and yes, at times agree-to-disagree with one another. United in love, respect, hope, and thanksgiving. I am a sinner saved only by God’s Grace, using my God-Given gifts. Blessings, Lois

Here Are A Few Links To Sample The Different Categories:

  1. God’s Life Line:https://heavensjoylatte.com/gods-life-line-symptoms-and-diagnosis/
  2. Instagram Quotes & Poems: https://heavensjoylatte.com/my-instagram-feed/
  3. Poems for Children: https://heavensjoylatte.com/childrens-poems/
  4. Devotionals: https://heavensjoylatte.com/devotionals/
  5. Short Stories: https://heavensjoylatte.com/short-stories/



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