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This website is all about sharing Scripture teachings, learning from my “brothers and sisters in Christ”, growing spiritually, and yes, at times agreeing-to-disagree with one another. United in love, respectful, hopeful and full of thanksgiving. I am a sinner saved by God’s Amazing Grace, using my God-Given gifts. Blessings, Lois

Here Are Some of My Favourite Posts from Each Category:   

Devotionals: Transformation: https://heavensjoylatte.com/transformation-by-lois-macdonald/

Short Stories: The Ravine: https://heavensjoylatte.com/the-ravine/

Poems & Quotes: Daydreams: https://heavensjoylatte.com/daydreams-by-lois-macdonald/

Children’s Poems: Dreams from the Meadow: https://heavensjoylatte.com/dreams-from-the-meadow-by-lois-macdonald/

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