Every Meal Should Start With Cake -by Lois Macdonald


Our family eats organic foods
And things that grow on trees
We can’t have refined sugar
Only honey straight from bees
Their pure sweet sticky nectar
Tastes like candy melted down
But chewing on a honeycomb
Makes smiles turn upside down

No dyes that make things pretty
Should be added to my drinks
Mother says they make kids crazy
That’s what all the experts think
I dream of fries and burgers
But get tofu dogs that stink
All pale without a hint of brown
And shine like porcelain sinks

Good news my dad is breaking
He’s been looking at cookbooks
And drools over the pastry page
Which prompts mom’s nasty looks
I’m really praying hard these days
That junk food will become a phase
And chips will reign on every plate
And every meal will start with cake!

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