Dreams from the Meadow -by Lois Macdonald

Dream of sweetness, it’s all around
While in the meadow, hear every sound
From brown-feathered larks singing
Notes played, heart-strings ringing
With all the charm nature brings.

A scurrying little grey velvet mouse
Runs round and round and round about
He perks his ears and watches me
Lay ever so still, and you will see
He will quickly vanish, one, two, three.

The tall grass parts and out he pops
With a bushy tail, it’s a coy red fox
He studies me with his golden eyes
Standing timidly, for he’s awfully shy
Soon he’ll disappear, with no goodbye.

Watching bumblebees while they dance
From flower to flower, not by chance
Monarch butterflies join in, to enhance
This vision of beauty and romance
Now charms me into, a dreamy trance.

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