A Hero Lives Within -By Lois Macdonald

A cry for a hero shatters the silence. Heads peek out from behind their “selfies” and begin snapping pictures. A sprinkling of “self-made” independents glance vaguely down their noses but soon return to their agendas. Handfuls of bi-standers want to respond but are immobilized, lacking “self-worth.” Others are too exhausted to help, after years of wrestling with “self-pity,” and the emergency is ignored altogether by the “self-absorbed.” The fashionably dressed, “self-centered” shake their heads, annoyed with the disruption. These egotists hold firmly to the belief that it’s every man or woman for themselves, and “self” rules! Life, however, centered around “me,” has little room or desire to nurture our budding heroes of tomorrow.

The value of “selfless” might not meet today’s standards for popularity, but it is certainly at the heart of being a hero. The “selfless” will sacrifice their time, money, and sometimes even their lives, to save others. Courageous people whom we might never have noticed before, and yet miraculously there they are, when tragedy strikes. Perhaps the most heroic of all are those individuals who genuinely pray for their enemies or sponsor a starving child they might never meet. Heroes are humble servants who faithfully man the soup kitchens and befriend the homeless. Those brave men and women who put on a uniform and fight for our rights and freedom. If we want our children to discover the hero living inside of them, teach them the worth of loving the unlovable, befriending the outcast, having the heart of a servant, and of caring for the sick and needy. Teach them to follow the example of Jesus. The One who sacrificed himself for you and me. Jesus, the original Superhero!

More Heroes: https://heavensjoylatte.com/disabled-or-mislabeled/

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